Cody Lundin Basic Survival Kit

Cody Lundin Survival Kit

From Dual Survival Show
Cody Lundin Survival Expert from
Prescott, Arizona.
 Cody Lundin is one survival expert that practices what he preaches. Starting out with $10 and a Dream in 1991, Cody began the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona. His specialized school consists of modern wilderness survival skills, primitive skills and urban survival skills. Depending on the survival situation, Lunden's survival kit changes with the terrain and the length of time expected to last.

As with all survival kits different items will be added or left behind depending on the situation, but some are mandatory and should always be available in any survival situation. No matter where Cody is out in the wilderness, the 23 items listed below can always be found in his basic survival kit.

Below is a list of Cody Lunden's Basic Survival Kit

  1. 1 gallon zipper-lock bags
  2. Tincture of Iodine Tablets for water purification
  3. Plastic Drinking Tube approx. 3 ft. in length
  4. 2 unlubricated Condoms used as canteens
  5. Orange Flagging Tape used for signaling
  6. Dental Floss can be used for sewing to fishing line.
  7. Duct Tape (the more the better IMO)
  8. Small Flashlight w/ spare bulb's n batteries
  9. Magnesium Fire Starter
  10. Bic Lighter
  11. Wooden Matches dipped in paraffin
  12. Firestarter Excellorent - cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly
  13. Magnifying Glass
  14. Emergency Signal Mirror with sighting hole
  15. plastic whistle
  16. Space Blanket single use
  17. Heavy Duty Space Blanket/ Tarp
  18. 3 Heavy Duty 40-50 gallon plastic bags
  19. Paracord at least 50 ft.
  20. Extra Knife made with carbon steel
  21. Bandanna brightly colored/non camo
  22. Basic First-Aid Kit
  23. Topographical Map and Compass of the area

 In addition to starring on Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel since 2010, Lundin is also an accomplished writer demonstrating his primitive survival skills. His first book called "98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive" was published in 2003 with rave reviews on his style of wilderness survival. He does go into his own personal survival kit which has changed very little over the years.

 Cody's second book "When All Hell Breaks Loose" was written in 2007 and covers techniques for longer term survival. Between the two successful books, his survival school in Prescott and a teacher at Yavapi College, all lead to landing a Co-Host spot on Dual Survival Show and made Cody Lundin one of the most recognized expert's in Primitive Survival Skills.

So how much can you make as a survival instructor? We'll in his case, Cody Lundin has a net worth over $1.5 million including an underground 100% off the grind home that is completely paid for. Yes, life has been good to Cody doing something he loves to do, Survive!

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  1. Great list cody short and sweet and to the point

  2. I always pack two compasses. In northern MN we have pockets of iron ore which can throw a compass off. By using two you can get confirmation if they are pointing in the same direction. Also gives you confidence that you are not going in circles (psychological benefit).

  3. This is one of the most informative and knowledgeable articles I've ever read. I'd like to appreciate your efforts especially the way you've explained everything along with video tutorials. I'm one of those people who are extremely cautious of any catastrophic event and would do anything to save lives. I already have bug out bags for fires, tornadoes and earthquakes and I'm thinking of maintaining a survival kit for myself now. I came across your blog today and I'm thankful you've helped me a lot in what I need to keep in it.

  4. I think this idea of a survival kit is really cool and unique!! Most people would find it weird but I guess I'm a safety freak and I already have a couple of emergency survival kits and I was surfing the internet for some cool ideas to maintain them. My dad gave me a really nice bug out bag for my birthday and I was thinking of making an identical one myself. After reading your blog I think I should make this one too.

  5. I must say that you have mentioned the good points pertaining to the home emergency survival kits. However, if you still don't know where to locate the appropriate first aid kits then you can check out the internet as there are a lot of reliable name out there. Thanks!!

  6. That is a lot of fire starting options for an expert. I watched him try ing to run bare footed in Africa. (Super slow and ineffective), while I was in Cambodia.

  7. Interesting! Thanks for sharing great list about Basic Survival Kit.This is really useful and helpful.Great post!

  8. To improve this list, IMO
    12 should read Fire Starter Accelerant (= a substance used to aid the spread of fire)
    21 should read Bandana ....
    23 should read Topographical Map of the area and Compass

    Best regards,


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