Dave Canterbury Finally Admits He Lied

Dave Canterbury Former "Dual Survival Star

Dave and Cody holding hands before Dual Survival Breakup
Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin
holding hands before the
Dual Survival Break-up
(couldn't resist :)
 As one of my most favorite outdoor survival shows I like to watch, Dual Survival has always been at the top of the list. Dave Canterbury the U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper, and Cody Lundin the barefoot survival instructor from Arizona, always seemed an unlikely match to co-exist together but they made it work. Together they made Dual Survival about as "real" as any reality show that's made and filled with good solid outdoor survival knowledge.

But then last year when Dual Survival started Season 3, a new Army Veteran with a similar Military background as Canterbury's by the name of Joseph Teti took over his role. What Really Happened to Dave Canterbury and why did he get replaced on Dual Survival Show?

The rumors seem to be true that Dave did in fact exaggerate on his application when he first tried out to be on Dual Survival. With hundreds of other Outdoor Survival Experts trying out for the Show, what were the odds of getting on this reality show anyway? As fate would have it Dave's resume had everything the Producers were looking for when determining who would Co-Host alongside the barefoot survival expert Cody Lundin.

This video below by Dave Canterbury himself, explains exactly what happened and why he's no longer co-hosting the Dual Survival Show with Cody Lundin.

 It's good seeing Dave is being honest about it and admit's that his resume for Dual Survival was exaggerated a tad bit, maybe even a lot, but he is still a hard core Outdoor Survival Expert that does come with a lot of experience we can learn a lot from. Because of Dave's success on Dual Survival where he had a very large fan base, his Pathfinder Survival School is now one of the most successful survival training programs being offered at reasonable prices for this type of basic outdoor training.

Now that Dual Survival has been replaced with the new co-host Joseph Teti that had to make sure he could back up his impressive Military Record, has it "really" made the show that much better? Some would argue that yes, Dual Survival is a much better TV Show now that Cody seems to have his hands full even more than before with the outspoken Teti, while others seem to agree the show is just not the same now that Dave Canterbury's contract was not renewed and basically kicked off the Show.

Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder Website


  1. He states that there were several reasons why he was being let go, but he only addresses the rumors about his resume. I wonder what the other reasons are I bet it would be interesting.

    Either way goes, it was a great show with Dave co-hosting it and he gets my respect for openly addressing the rumors and leaving it at that. He doesn't go off into a bitter rant or anything, just states the facts, apologizes, and gives thanks for the support.

  2. I had every respect for Dave's extreme survival skills in situations where most people die, and I feel that despite the frustrations between him and Cody, the two established a good working rapport that worked very well on camera. I learned a great deal from the survival tools and methods they used. Everybody pads his resume.

  3. Dave Canterbury was NOT a "Special Forces sniper". He was an MP that lied about his military service and was caught, period, to get on the show. I have seen his "confession" and he looks old, battered and pathetic. Of course (as all good Christians do) he asked for (and miraculously enough) received god's/Jesus's forgiveness (imagine that). He is not sucking for money since he runs "The Pathfinder School" in Ohio. He has some good ideas and I am sure that his intentions are genuine since being fired from Dual Survival. Joe Teti is good, but like most special operators (and yes, I was one and unlike Dave, can verify it), has an A-type personality and can rub people the wrong way, but you have to understand that mentality to appreciate it (my wife finds him irritating...I just laugh). Dave may be a good guy, but he will always have that spectre following him the rest of his life...


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