Naked and Afraid Survival Show

Naked and Afraid Survival Show

Seen on The Discovery Channel
Scene from "Naked and Afraid" Survival Show
 The Naked and Afraid Survival Show is one of the most Extreme Survival Shows I have ever seen to date. Yes there's lots survival shows these days, but none of them involves surviving naked for 21 days in a row. Surviving in the wilderness is hard enough for 3 weeks, but doing it with someone you never met and with only two items consisting of your survival pack is no easy task for anyone.

Discover Channel picks two random people, a male and a female, and puts them in very remote locations to survive with no survival pack and with nothing but the bare essentials. Each survivalist is given a PSR or Personal Survival Rating which determines their skill level and knowledge they have in survival situations. One of the survivalist always has a much higher PSR then the other survivalist but they take the test again at the end of the 21 days to see how much each person has improved.

Each survivalist can bring one survival item which a lot of times is a survival knife and a cooking pot. Other than that each survivalist is given a video camera for documenting their outdoor experience. The survivalist also has a small camera crew that follows them and record the adventure and just in case of a serious emergency that would end filming the Naked and Afraid Episode.

Both contestants experience all kinds of difficulties along the way through their journey and lose several pounds each before the episode is over. This show is unlike any other survival show because there's no prize at the end of this experience and just the satisfactory of completing a very difficult challenge. Not too many people can say they survived 21 days without any clothes or supplies especially with a stranger of the opposite sex.

Would you go on the Naked and Afraid Survival Show hoping your new survival partner has what "it takes" to help keep you both comfortably alive for 3 weeks? Maybe for a million dollar prize like the Survivor Show I would, or at least if I had a chance to pick my new survival partner before we were stuck with each other for such a long time.

No doubt about it, the Naked and Afraid Show is the most Real Survival Reality Show that takes it to the Extreme of what it takes to survive under the harshest conditions imaginable. If there's any doubt Naked and Afraid Show is the Real Deal, just watch this video below where Producer Steve Rankin got bit by a venomous snake in Costa Rica called the Fer-De-Lance.

WARNING: This video is very graphic what it's like to get bit by a poisonous snake.