Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Having the proper emergency supplies when an emergency happens could save you and your family. When you’re preparing yourself for any type of emergency you need to consider everything, like what kind of emergency you’re preparing for in the first place. Do you live in a hurricane area or a tornado area, the type of emergency you’re preparing for changes what needs to be in your emergency preparedness kit. For example a tornado only last for a short amount of time and a hurricane could last days and sometimes weeks so you would want to have more food and water if your preparing for a hurricane.

Emergency Preparedness Food 

 Mountain House freeze dried foods has a large selection of survival preparedness type foods for any prepper. Mountain house has dinners; deserts, snacks, and breakfast all freeze dried and ready to be stored for the next emergency. Freeze dried food is extremely easy to prepare, you just add hot water and you got a hot Delicious meal in minutes.

Water is the most important item in any emergency preparedness kit because you can only survive three days without water. Having an emergency stash of water can not only save your life but your family's life as well. The more water you can put in your emergency preparedness kit the better, people are amazed how much water one person can go through in a single day it can be more then several gallons. When storing water for your family you want to make sure you have enough for a week and more if you have the room to store it.

Preparedness First Aid

First aid is very important in your preparedness kit because you won’t be able to drive right down to the hospital during any disaster. So plan for the worst when preparing your emergency preparedness kit and buy an expensive First aid kit because that is what saves lives. Understanding what your first aid kit is capable of is very important because you can have all the first aid stuff you want but if you don't know how to use it, then your first aid kit is useless.  

A propane stove with a lot of extra propane bottles is not a bad idea if you have an electric stove, if you have a propane stove then it is no big deal. Having flashlights with lots of extra batteries and a radio are very important, if the power goes out you will be ready. A radio can let you know what’s going on around your area and if it’s safe to go outside, this alone could save your life.


Weapons are very important to have in you emergency preparedness kit because people get really crazy after disasters and will loot and rob anybody that crosses there path. Having a firearm in these kinds of situations can save your life. A firearm is absolutely useless if you don't have bullets for your gun so stock up on all the different types of rounds you might need for your guns.

These are just some of the supplies you need to have in your emergency preparedness kit. So plan to survive any situation you can possibly think of and then some more and you might be able to survive anything.