Mythbusters Duct Tape

Mythbusters Duct Tape

   The MythBusters have done it again, coming up with even more uses for surviving with duct tape. First they survive on an island with just duct tape to make the necessary tools to get off, and now they have gone to the canyon lands to truly push duct tape to its limits. Using only duct tape JamieHyneman and Adam Savage managed to repel off a 100 plus foot cliff with a rope twisted together by this incredible tape and then built a raft and floated down the mighty Colorado River. They did however have the added use of bubble wrap which gave them the needed buoyancy to float above the water.

Ultimate Survival Item   

      The MythBusters has proven that duct tape is the ultimate item for your survival pack or any emergency kit for that matter. With a few rolls of this stuff, your imagination on what you can make is your only limit. In my mind duct tape is a "Must Have" item in all my survival kits. If you don't have a roll of duct tape in your kit, then the day just might come when you’re going to "Wish" you could make that very important survival tool you would have easily made had you done so.

surviving with duct tape
Mythbusters with their duct tape boats

     By far the coolest thing I have ever seen anybody build was the Duct Tape Canoe on the Mythbusters Show. The canoe was built in the second duct tape episode which they expanded on the many uses of what’s possible. The Mythbusters used rolls of bubble wrap and duct tape to create a canoe type flotation device to go over some really bad rapids on the river. Before I seen this episode of Mythbusters, I would of never thought you could make a flotation device that could go over rapids like those with bubble wrap and duct tape.

Duct Tape Trend

    The Mythbusters have got everybody's mind on duct tape and its endless uses for survival .Hey maybe Nik Wallenda can walk a duct tape rope next, just kidding. I believe duct tape truly has unlimited uses in survival and just plain old life. I can’t wait to see what the Mythbusters come up with next because I sure it will be amazing.
duct tape is the ultimate survival item
Duct tape creativity 

Duct Tape Rope 

    As far as duct tape rope goes I would not trust my life or any other life on a piece of duct tape. The Mythbusters more than likely did a lot of tests on how many pieces of duct tape it would take to hold that much weight. So don't thing you can go out there in repelled down a cliff with just a duct tape rope.