Survival Expert

Survival Experts

Bear Grylls

   Bear Grylls, the most recognized survival expert in the world. Extreme survival the best words to describe Bear, because he pushes his body to an absolute extreme in his survival show, (Man VS Wild). In my book he is a true expert in the art of surviving any situation.
the best survival expert in the world
Bear Gyrlls Surviving 
Bear having dinner in the middle of the rain forest during a survival trip.   

   Edward Michael also known as Bear grylls is a television presenter, writer, and born adventurer it seems like there’s nothing he can’t do. Bear Grylls the world’s best survival expert has done it all, when it comes to surviving earths challenging terrain. Bear has shown the world what it takes to survive the some of the harshest environments this world has to offer. if you have any interest in survival then you need to watch Bear Grylls in action on his TV series (Man VS Wild), he is incredible to watch.

Cody Lundin

   Cody Lundin is also a world recognized survival expert and instructor for Yavapai College. Cody truly knows what it means to live off the land as he’s demonstrated countless times in the TV series DualSurvival. Cody Lundin lives in the high desert of Arizona, where he has a house off the grid. He truly lives what he preaches, totally self-reliant, and 100 percent off the land. 
Cody lundin a true survival expert in the wilderness
Cody Lundin Survival Expert
   Cody Lundin teaches several different courses at Yavapai College including outdoor survival, urban preparedness, and primitive living. Cody is mostly known for being a hippy and also never wearing shoe ever, in my mind this is what sets Cody Lundin aside from the other survival experts.