Survival Kit List

Basic Survival Kit List

cheap survival kit with basic emergency supplies
Basic Survival Kit
1. Survival Knife- A knife with endless uses in the wilderness like fire starting, compass, matches, and a blade. Companies make survival knives with many more uses then this one; it all depends on how much you have to spend.
2. Emergency Blanket- Emergency blankets can be used for many things including but not limited to; a shelter, SOS signal, container, and can’t forget about a blanket.
3. Flint and Steel- used for starting fires, it is always good to have many different ways of starting a fire.
4. Para cord- Para cord is probably the most useful item in your pack. Para cord can be used for building a lean toe or shelter, making weapons, building traps, setting trip lines and setting snares.
5. Signal Mirror-One of the easiest ways of signaling for help, can also be seen a mile away.

6. Small Head Light- a headlight can mean the difference of walking out of the forest in the dark, or surviving through the night.
7. Aluminum Water Bottle- Useful in many ways like a container to purify water by boiling it, and cooking.
8. First Aid Kit - For a basic survival pack you really only need a smaller first aid kit with the basic items in it; Band-Aid’s, cotton swabs, Ace bandage and some aspirin.
9. Snake Bit Kit - This is a most have item in your pack if there any chance of a snake bit. If you’re in the higher mountains then you probably don't need to worry about.
10. Water Filter and Water Purification Tablets- These two items are absolutely necessary in any survival pack or kit.
11. Fishing Supplies - You would want an assortment of fishing supplies in your pack because it could be a major food source. Fishing line, hooks, weights, and a spinner, you can find bait around most lakes.
12. Knife Sharpener- To keep your survival knife as sharp as possible.
13. Aluminum Foil - Aluminum Foil can be used to make anything you might need. Here are a few of its many uses; cups, bowls, spoons, pots, and pans.
14. Duct Tape - This item alone has so many uses it’s hard to believe.

Uses for Survival items

This is just a list of survival items, I will write an article for every one of these products. I will show all the different uses for each one and go into great detail in how these survival products can be used. 


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