Survival Weapons

Survival Weapons

  Theirs many different ways you can make a weapon with the basic survival items like, Para cord and a cheap survival knife. A few of those can be just as lethal as a bullet for example a re-curve bow, can be deadly to most medium sized game, all it takes to make one is a piece of Para cord. Theirs also hundreds of different types of traps you can make with Para cord. The most popular trap people will set are trip lines and snares, which can be extremely deadly to any animal if, set properly.

 Survival Rifle

 It is always a good idea to have a survival rifle, preferably a 22 rim fire. The 22 round is the absolute best survival round there is for many different reasons, you can hold hundreds of bullets in your pocket with very little weight, and it’s a very reliable round for survival that can knock down any small game. A most have item for anybody's survival pack including me, I carry an AR-7 Henry survival rifle that breaks down in fits into the stock of the rifle.
A survival rifle that fit in the stock
Henry Survival Rifle

Survival Traps

  The most basic survival trap would have to be a trip line trap which can do two different things, make noise or set off a chain reaction which can be deadly if set up correctly. String lines will let you know there’s an animal in your camp, this is an important thing to do if you are in bear country.

 Setting one up is simple, the easiest way to set one up by staking three different branches in a tepee shape for support, tie a string to one of the branches and run it a cross an area where an animal might come from. The animal will knock down the branches and make noise; this trap can be modified to make more noise.
How to set a survival trap with Para cord
How to set a Survival Trap

Survival Bow

 To make a survival bow you need a piece of flexible wood and a 4 to 5 foot piece of Para cord. The best kind of wood to use would have to be a willow, which is found near water. Find a piece of willow that is about 3 inches in diameter; carve one side of the stick leaving bark on the other side for support. Bend the stick in pin it so there’s a lot of pressure on the stick and let it sit for a few days. Make all the necessary notches in the stick to hold the string in place and string it up. Use willow for the arrows as well because they grow very straight.
Making a Survival bow using para cord
How to Make a Survival Bow


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