Ultimate Survival Knife

Ultimate Survival Knife

   Everybody needs the ultimate survival knife in their survival pack; this article will compare three different survival knives to find the ultimate survival knife. Survival pack supplies will compare the rothco deluxe adventurer survival kit knife, the Bear Gyrlls ultimate survival pack with multitool, and the multi-purpose "Ranger tool" all of these survival knives are found in the amazon store.

Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife

the ultimate survival knife for your pack
deluxe Adventurer Survival knife

   This survival knife has a lot of survival items that fit in the handle and on the sheath itself; however it does not include a method of starting fires. It does however include first aid, a small harpoon, a knife sharpening stone, fishing line, hook, weights, signal mirror, fingertip saw, and a compass. All of these survival items are very good to have in a compact survival knife.

Bear Gyrlls Ultimate Survival Pack with Multitool  

the ultimate survival knife for your survival pack
Ultimate Survival Knife for your Survival Pack

   This is not your typical survival knife because it is called a survival pack, but don't let the name foul you. The Bear Grylls ultimate survival pack with the multitool is a survival knife with a flashlight and fire starter all in a small pouch that fits on your side with any belt. This survival knife features 12 different components with in the multitool making it incredibly useful in any survival situation.

Multi-Purpose "Ranger Tool"  

ultimate survival knife for you survival pack
Multi-purpose Survival Knife

   This is a most have item in any survival pack because it has 12 different uses and it is the size of a credit card. The size of this unique tool is just as impressive as all the different uses it has, anything from a sun compass to a small knife. It also as a can opener, several different wrenches, and a small saw, this credit card sized tool can truly do it all. 

Comparing Survival Knives

   Out of the three survival knives I compared there’s really no picking just one because all of these knives are incredible useful in all survival situations. The survival knife you pick needs to fit your terrain and really your personality, don't go find a survival knife that has so many uses that you have no idea what anything is used for. Understanding what a survival knife is capable of doing is very important, it like understanding the way a gun functions and what it is capable of doing. 


  1. Thanks for this blot about Survival Credit Card Tool. it is very helpful.

  2. These survival kits are OK but some of the items are quite random. I usually pack my own survival kit and to be honest, it doesn't take long and I can make sure that all the items are good quality.


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