Wilderness Survival Tips

Wilderness Survival Tips

   Knowing what to do in a survival situation could mean the difference between life and death, here are some wilderness survival tips for you to consider. If you don't know exactly what you’re eating, don't even consider eating it because it could make you extremely sick. Never drink water that has not been boiled or purified, this could end up dehydrating you more than if you didn't drink any water at all. This is a call that you have to make based on your survival situation.

Fire Before Shelter

   Fire before shelter and water before food these are very important tips when in a wilderness survival situation. The reason fire is before shelter, because you will not freeze if you have a fire you will freeze without a one even with a shelter. The reasons for water before food are simple; you can only survive three days without water and weeks without food.
surviving with the basics
Fire is essential for survival

SOS Signals

   If you’re lost and somebody knows we're you are stay put and prepare some type of SOS signal like a signal fire or mirror. If nobody knows where you are you need to excess the situation and your survival supplies, decide the direction you need to go and stick to it. This is the type of situation that a survival pack could mean the difference between life and death depending on how far civilization is.

Basic survival kit for your car

a basic survival kit for emergency
Basic Survival Pack

   Having the basic supplies in your truck like water, food, flashlights, and a GPS can make your survival experience a lot easier. If there’s any chance that you will not make it out in several days, strip anything you could make use off your vehicle like cordage and shelter material. A Lot of people would have a hard time doing this because they feel like there ruining their car or truck, if you feel like the situation could turn into a life of death situation then don't even hesitate.

   Your life is worth more than any possession so do what is necessary to keep yourself alive. Leaving your vehicle isn't always ideal but if you have too, leave something like an arrow pointing in the direction you are going. Anything you can do to help the search and rescue teams find you are very important  unless you want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

    Helping search and rescue find you sooner is what saves lives, never panic and always think everything through to the end. A hard part of being lost is admitting to yourself that you’re really lost. Your mind set needs to change into a I will survive type mind set if you want to live. Understanding what is at risk will help you survive anything this world can throw at you, so never doubt what your capable of doing when everything depends on you surviving and making it home to your family.  alive.