Bear Gyrlls Survival Supplies

Bear Gyrlls Survival Supplies

Bear Grylls is famous from his TV series (Man Vs Wild) and has had many endorsement deals with his name on several different survival products. A few of those survival supplies include the Bear Grylls survival series fire starter, the Bear Grylls ultimate survival knife, and the Bear Grylls survival hatchet. These are just some of the many survival supplies Bear has to offer. All of Gyrll's survival supplies are top of the line quality when it come's to a real survival situation.

Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter

Fire Starter by Gerber
Bears Personally Recommended
Fire Starter
This is a very useful fire starter made by Gerber carrying the Bear Grylls Name is for more then just starting fires, it also includes an emergency whistle attached to the lanyard and a waterproof compartment for storing other essential survival items. The fire starter is made from Ferrocerium and comes with a metal striker which works well for starting an emergency fire quick. This fire starter also has a small pocket book explaining how to send SOS signals from land and air. As you can see, this fire starter can do a lot more then just start fires. 

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

Quality Survival Knife
The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife is great for any survival situation. It also comes with a very nice sheath tough enough for any Terrain. This knife has a molded rubber grip designed for any sized hand with a striking surface on the end of the grip. Bear's knife also has a fire starter and a knife sharpener built into the sheath. Gryll also has included a lanyard with a whistle and an emergency communication patch on the sheath explaining how to send SOS signals. He seems to of thought of everything to make such a great knife for any survival situation.

Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet 

Small Quality Hatchet
Bear Grylls Personal Hatchet
This is a very small very but very useful survival hatchet made by Gerber is designed to last a life time. The hatchet has a full-tang design which means that the blade and handle are both the same piece of metal. The sheath that comes with this survival hatchet is very sturdy and fits great on your side. These are all necessary survival pack tools that should be included in everyone's survival kit.