Homemade Weapons

Homemade Weapons

basic hand tools used for making survival weapons and homemade weapons
Basic Hand Tools for Making
Home Made Weapons
   Theses days you can buy just about anything for your survival pack but understanding how to make your own survival weapons can save you money and possibly your life some day. With just the basic hand tools found around most household's, you can make a variety of different survival tools for your pack. With just a couple of files, hacksaw and a vise you can make a wide range of survival weapons and essential survival tools. 
Homemade weapon or survival weapon for fishing
Spear Head made from a shelf
   Today I decided to try and make a few survival weapons including a metal arrow head, a harpoon and a spear tip. The first thing I decided to make was the spear tip, which I made out of a piece of steel that was part of a metal shelf. Using the vise to hold the piece of metal in place, I cut several shape's with the hack saw into the desired new homemade weapons. Using the files to finish shaping my new home made weapons I also sharpened the spear tips to a raiser point. I will write an article explaining how I made my homemade survival knife and go step by step.
 I had a great time making these new survival items I will add to my pack, and was quite pleased with the finished product. I decided to write this article and take a few picture's, which I hope will inspire you in creating your own Homemade Weapons.

survival fishing supplies or homemade weapon
Bow Fishing Arrow Head
   After working on the Spear Head pictured above, I figured it would be a lot harder making a small arrow tip which could be used to make a spear or hunting arrow, but I was surprised on how easy it to make yourself. Using the scrap metal for the spear tip, I also was able to make a harpoon tip and an arrow head that was filed razor shape.. Both of these tips that I have now added to my survival pack were designed for different purposes, one is for bow fishing or possible a spear tip tied on with parachute cord, and the other could be used for a small fish spear or connected to a defensive weapon to defend yourself.
homemade weapon for survival bow fishing
Small Fishing Spear Head
   It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience creating my own survival weapons from scratch. I plan on making a few more specialized items for my survival pack in the future that I hope I will never need, but will be glad I did if that day ever comes.

DO NOT EVER FORGET  having specially made survival hunting  tips included in your survival kit. You can easily make a weapon for gathering food, to a weapon that could save your life.

homemade weapon or homemade survival knife
My first homemade survival knife