Long Term Survival Supplies

Long -Term Survival Supplies

survival pack supplies and radio
Midland Crank Radio
     Having survival supplies for long-term survival could mean the difference between a good life style and one of just existing. One of the most important items to have in any long term survival situation would have to be a radio with built-in emergency frequencies. A radio will allow you to have a good idea of what’s going on in your area and could possibly save you from walking into a riot or a particular neighborhood you should avoid. Having a radio that can also pickup CS's  is another great addition. The Midland Two-way Emergency Crank Radio has all this, plus it can charge your cell phone or GPS with a turn of a hand generated crank. This is the Best Survival Radio I have ever seen because it's capable of doing everything mentioned above and doesn't require batteries to operate. They quality of this emergency radio is also built to survive any situation even in the most rugged situations. 

Long term survival seeds
Seed Vault
Something that most people wouldn't consider is a long term food source for your survival. I'm sure if you have any survival pack whatsoever, you have some food already stored away, but you also need to think long term for items that can be used over and over again like seeds to grow a garden every year. The Survival Seed Vault is a great way to store tons of seeds that will not go bad because they are hermetically stored and will last much longer. All the seeds in the Seed Vault are very easy to grow and can be grown year after year. Having a garden in your long term survival plan could make surviving a lot easier and a lot healthier for your family. It's just really good cheap 'life insurance" that some day could produce huge dividends.

Perhaps the most important long term survival supplies would have to be an Emergency Medical Kit. Having a large well stocked medical kit ready for any emergency situation you can think of  is always a very good idea. Understanding how to use these medical supplies is just has important as having the supplies themselves. The Fully Stocked Stomp Medical First Aid Kit has it all including the information to use everything in the kit. This first aid kit is truly a life saver in most emergency situation's, but only if you know how to use it and spend some time learning at least basic First Aid Skills.

If ever in doubt what to include in a long term survival kit for your family, just ask yourself what do you buy a lot of right now that would greatly be missed if you had to go without for an extended period of time. Having plenty of water always on hand in case the water supply was ever threatened is a given, but what about things like toothpaste and deodorant? Can you imagine going months without basic hygiene necessities we freely take for granted? Are you a smoker or occasionally like a drink every now and then? Can you imagine waking up one day only to discover whatever you have right now on hand, is all your going to have for the next several days, weeks, months, etc. So when your buying for your long term survival consider everything and forget nothing.