Power Pot Generator

Power Pot Thermo Electric Generator

 The Power Pot is a very useful survival item that I think anyone interested in survival would love.The Power Pot uses a Thermoelectric Generator to produce power and charge any cell phone or GPS, while at the same time it could be used to cook or boil water. I know what you’re thinking ThermoElectric Generator, what is that? It’s really quiet simple, When the Thermo Electric Generator comes in contact with a heat source like fire it starts producing power, the whole trick is not letting the generator get too hot.
power pot generator for survival
Power Pot in Action

 The Power Pot is designed so the generator will not get too hot and isn't really a problem. By simply filling the Power Pot up with water it will never overheat as long as the water never runs out.
 I first found this unique survival product on twitter and I just had to have one, so I went on Amazon and one bought one for 120 dollars.

 I have used my Power Pot on a few different camping trips and I love it, although it's just too heavy to put in my survival pack but it's great for a home survival kit or even for your car or truck.

 Having the ability to boil water, cook and charge your cell phone all at the same time is just amazing. With a little experimentation I found the colder the water in the Power Pot is the greater amount of power it will produce when you start this process. For example, I used water from a flowing creek and I even tried snow, and I found that as long as you keep adding snow to the Power Pot it charged my phone almost twice as fast. This was when I needed to generate power and I wasn't using the Power Pot for cooking or for boiling water just to drink.