Survival Book Reviews

The Best Survival Book Reviews

 Below is a list of some of the Best Survival Books on the market. Its not what you lack when in a survival situation, it's what you "know how to do" with what you got that will determine your destiny. 

The Ultimate Survival Manual

The Ultimate Survival Manual is jam packed with 333 survival skills that will help you get out alive. This book was put together by the experts at Outdoor Life Magazine and comes highly recommended to prepare for a wide range of circumstances. If there's one thing you will learn from the Ultimate Survival Manual is to ALWAYS Be Prepared for anything at any time with the necessary skills to stay alive. Learn everything from different types of survival kits, to picking locks in case of an emergency. There's also lots of first aid instructions also included which you need to know the basics just in case a life threatening situation ever occurs.

SAS Survival Handbook

The SAS Survival Handbook was written by survival expert John "Lofty" Wiseman after serving 26 years in the Special Air Services. The SAS is the equivalent of the Special Forces and Navy Seal's trained in the US. This is a no bullshit book that will help keep you alive in just about any circumstance imaginable. There's lots of colored pictures of edible plant's, making traps, animal tracks, knot tying, first aid and of course a detained survival kit list.

Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook

The Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook teaches you everything you need to know about long term food and water preparedness. This guide takes you step-by-step on preparing a 3 month supply of food, water, first aid, and many more tips and tricks packed within this book. Long term food storage requires a lot of planning making sure you're getting the right amount of nutrition consuming a variety of foods.

Wilderness Survival - 2nd edition

This is one of my favorite Wilderness Survival Books with lots of good information to read. Reading is good, but getting outdoors and applying some of these technique's when you're not in a real survival situation gives you the confidence that you know you will survive in any situation. This book covers Mountain Survival Skills to Desert Survival Skills and everything in between. Do you know how to predict the weather? This book goes into great detail covering subjects you may never even thought about.

The Prepper's Pocket Guide

The Prepper's Pocket Guide covers 101 things you can do to prepare for any Natural Disaster no matter where you live. Prepping for the long term can be expensive, but following the Prepper's Pocket Guide you can start with as little as $5 a week and build an impressive survival kit for your Family in no time. The main thing is to get started TODAY, because tomorrow might be too late. Make sure to have multiple survival kits including one for your home and a bug-out bag always ready to go if you need to leave the area fast.