Basic Survival Pack

10 Basic Survival Pack items

my home made survival pack for the wilderness
My Survival Pack Supplies in My Kit
 A basic survival pack is "must have items" for any hunter, hiker or anyone headed into remote parts of the woods where little or no help might be available in case of an emergency.

At the very least a basic survival pack or kit consists of ten essential survival items that could someday save your life. A basic survival pack should have all base's covered when it comes to surviving the great outdoors including fire, shelter, First Aid, food source, water purification and some type of signal device.

No matter what you include in your basic survival pack, one of the most important things never to forget is not in your survival pack at all. Making sure you tell someone where and for how long you're going to be there is the most important things always to remember. The more detailed you are about your plans and when to expect your return, the greater the chance you will be rescued during a real life emergency. Otherwise it's 100% up to you to get yourself out alive and hopefully have at least the 10 basic survival items that could make all the difference in the world.

List of the 10 Basic Survival Items in a Survival Pack

  1. Magnesium Fire Starter
  2. Emergency Survival Blanket
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Survival Knife
  5. Water Purification Tablets
  6. Signal Mirror
  7. Emergency Shelter
  8. Survival Trapping Kit
  9. Survival Food Bars
  10. Metal Water Bottle
These are the ten most important survival items I always carry in my basic survival pack covering all the basic food, water, shelter, first aid and signaling device I may need in case of an emergency. There are many more items you might also consider depending on the type of terrain you're going in and the time of the season to dress accordingly.

You can survive days without water and even weeks without food, but without a good fire and shelter keeping you safe and warm, you risk the chance of not surviving a single night until a Search and Rescue Team can locate you or your able to safely get out on your own. It's also a good idea to always carry a Topographical Map or GPS Locator just in case you get turned around and temporary get "misplaced' as I like to say.

If you realize you're lost in the woods or quickly find yourself in an emergency situation because of an accident, the very first thing to do is remember the 3 C's (Stay Calm, Cool and Collective) before you do anything else. It's at this very moment what you do that will determine if you safely get out alive or at the very least determine the quality of your unexpected adventure. Even the littlest thing that happens to be in your pocket when you realize you're now in a survival situation could make a big difference on the outcome and being over-prepared at that moment could only be a good thing.