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Outdoor Survival Apps
 One big advantage a lot of people have these days is they always carry smart phones with them which could be a great asset in a outdoor emergency situation. Below is a list of Free Apps covering different types of outdoor situations from building shelters, edible plants, knot tying, urban survival to just good reading while perfecting your Outdoor Survival Skills.

Wilderness Survival Lite (Shelters)
 This is a Free App for Android Phone's mostly covering the basics survival skills for fire, shelter, signaling, traps and water. It has some good ideas going in depth on a few survival skills which you can adapt to your own survival situation.

Wilderness Survival Pro
 The Wilderness Survival Pro App is a follow-up to the lite version above that goes more in depth in developing your survival skills. This App is also only for Android devises and cost .99 cents to download.

SAS Survival Guide
 The SAS Survival App goes into great depths covering several different survival situations. This guide is jam packed with all kinds of good advice that's well written with lots of pictures. The SAS Survival Guide not only covers basic survival skills but also Urban Defensive Skills that may also come in handy someday.

Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide

When it comes to Emergency First Aid it can happen at any time which makes this App a "must have" installed on your smart phone. The emergency First Aid App covers cut's, burns, stroke's, CPR, animal stings and shock treatment to name a few. For only 99 cents to download, it's a great bargain I hope you never have to use.

Knots 3D
The Knots 3-D App will make you an expert tying dozens of different types of knots in no time. Using this 3-D technology, you can rotate the knot's pictures 360 degree's so you will never make a mistake. This App also goes into detail what each knot can be used for in different situations. The 3-D Knot Tying App is available at Amazon where you can instantly download it for only $1.99.

Wild Edibles Lite
It's amazing how much natural food is out there that most people never know it's edible. Knowing what edible plants are safe to eat when in a survival situation can determine how much food you will consume, and how much energy you will have to get out alive. Wild Edible's is the easiest food source to find IF you know what you're looking for and what to do after you harvest them. The Wild Edibles Free App covers a wide range of edible plants and making sure you have correctly identified them before you eat. This App also covers the best way to harvest edible plants and how much nutritional benefit's you can expect.

Wild Edibles Pro
This App is an extension of the Free Version Wild Edible's App above which goes into even more edible plants. All the edible plants covered inside the App come with a professional photo to insure you're correctly identifying the question. Many edible plants and mushrooms have similar lookalikes but can be harmful or deadly if consumed. The Wild Edible's App goes to great lengths to point out these similar, but very different plants and edible's found in nature. This App costs $7.00 to download so it's not for everyone, but if you're like me and know how important it is to correctly identify anything you eat, and the actual benefits from doing so, then its worth every penny if it helps me find even one additional food source when I need it most. Besides, its kind of fun and gives you something to do while backpacking or hiking in the Great Outdoors.

SPOT Connect Smartphone Satellite Communicator
 The Spot Connect turns any IPhone or Android phone into a satellite communications devise if you ever lose access to cell service. If you have an emergency or get lost in the Great Outdoors and you're not prepared to get out on your own, the Spot Connect could potentially save your life by sending a 41 character message anywhere in the world.

Survivalist Magazine Issue #12 - Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival
One of the best reasons having a smart phone with you if you ever got lost in the woods, found yourself in an emergency survival situation or just enjoying a few days out in the woods, is the form of entertainment they provide. Sure you can always play games and pass the time, but you could also practice up on your Outdoor Survival Skills whether you think you need to or not. Finding interesting articles inside the Survivalist Magazine App to try out while Outdoors, will give you something to do and keep you busy for hours perfecting your skills.