HomeMade Survival Knives

HomeMade Survival Knives

homemade knives for survival
Homemade Survival Knives
   Anyone can go buy a survival knife but understanding how to turn a piece of scarp metal in to a homemade survival knife can get you out of some tricky situations. I personally love creating survival knives and love using them even more. The four home made survival knives that I'm going to be writing about are all for different uses in a survival situation.

clip knife for survival packs
Belt Knife
    The first one was designed to be a boot knife but I found that it works great on your belt or even a pocket knife that hangs on your pocket itself. This knife was really easy to make with the hardest part bending the metal which I did with a vise to get it started, and then I used a hammer to pound down to make the clip. I have found this homemade survival knife to be very useful and easy to pull it out quick for any situation that may arise.

Skinning knife used insurvival
Survival Skinning Knife
The next homemade survival knife is my multipurpose skinning knife which I have not got to use yet but I will here soon. I designed this knife so it could be used at both ends without cutting yourself. I really cant wait to use this knife because it fits perfectly in my hand and just seems like the ultimate skinning knife. I made the handle using para cord because it has a nice grip to it and can be used in a survival situation if ever need be.

homemade skinning knife for survival
Homemade Skinning Knife
 My other homemade survival knife is also a skinning knife and this was my inspiration for the other skinning knife.

My last home made survival knife was designed to be used as a survival harpoon or just a survival knife. This is just a really basic survival knife with a notch for holding a fish on after you spear it. All of these knives were made using a hack saw and a few files and that's it, so if you feel like you don't have the tools to make your own survival knife you probably do.