How To Tie A Paracord Handle

How To Tie A Para Cord Handle

throwing knife made out of a file
Homemade File Knife
   There's many different methods and styles of tying a handle on a knife or anything that needs a handle for that matter. The method I use is one I came up with that last's for a very long time if tied correctly and taken care of. I will give you a step-by-step directions and pictures on how to tie a paracord handle on a knife. The only thing you need is a six to ten foot piece of paracord depending on how big the handle is going to be and the knowledge of how to do it. The knife I will be putting a para cord handle on is a knife I made out of a file I wrote about here.

paracord knife handle
Start of the Handle
    Step one is to judge how much paracord you are going to need, its better to have to much then to be six inches short and have to restart. For this knife I'm am using a 8 foot piece of paracord because it is kind of a long handle. With a long tail start raping the para cord around the knife and the tail to hold it down, the longer the tail the longer the handle will last. You want to start the handle on the blade side of the handle because it will make it easier to finish the handle.
homemade paracord handle
Half way through the Handle
    The next step can be a little tricky but is really simple once you have done it a few times. Once your about three quarters of the way done with the handle you need to lay the tail over the handle and continue raping the handle. Was you rap the handle the para cord will start to get twisted up and that why you start this last part so far down the handle.
homemade paracord handle
The beginning of the last
Part of the handle

     Now your either at the need of the handle and ready to finish it or its getting to twisted and you cant go any farther, if this is the case you started to early and you need to rap your handle farther before continuing to this part. The next step is simple you need to pull the tail end of the para cord really tight and the twists in the paracord will ensure that it does not loosen up.
homemade paracord handle
Paracord Handle

   Now your handle is done you just need to cut the tail off and you have a paracord handle that will not come off for a long time.

Homemade para cord handle
Last Step 
       I hope this article helps you create your own para cord handle and if you have any question post a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

homemade file throwing knife
Finished Handle
homemade paracord handle