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Survival Reality Shows Seen On TV

Survival Reality TV Show "Naked and Afraid" The Survivor Reality Show is probably best known for being the most successful reality TV Show they ever made. Contestants compete for a million dollar prize and bragging rights as the Sole Survivor on this popular Show.

Reality Survival ShowsDual Survival has two Co-Host Survival Experts Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury and Joseph Teti surviving in a number of different situations.

Naked and Afraid might be one of the hardest survival challenges seen on TV where the dual survival pair must last 21 days in the wild carrying nothing but the bare bottom essentials.

Bear Gryll's is the bad ass survivalist first seen in Man vs Wild that's very entertaining to watch online. Bear also has another TV Show called Get Out Alive that is known as the "Ultimate Survival Challenge".

Man vs Wild Reality Survival Show
Man, Woman, Wild is about the Husband and Wife Mykel and Ruth Hawke primitive survival skills learned in the US Special Forces.The Show only lasted two seasons but well worth watching the re-runs over the Internet.

Out of the Wild (The Alaska Experiment) features 9 people lost in the wild and need to make it back to civilization on their own.

Survival Reality TV ShowsSurvivor Man was a Reality Show from Canada featuring the "One Man Army" Les Stroud who survives alone with no help from the outside world. This is the most realistic reality show what its like to be by yourself in some of the most extreme survival situations.

Extreme Survival  Hosted by Ray Mears  from 1999 until 2002 and seen on the Discovery Channel in the US along with 12 other countries around the world.

Ultimate Survival Alaska is a new Survival Show on the National Geographic Channel that's about as real as it gets. Eight hard core Alaskan Survivalist compete in a 3000 mile long contest through some of the toughest terrain on Earth.

Alaska: The Last Frontier is another Reality Show by Discovery Channel that likes to stretch the truth about how bad of a survival situation they are in living off the land. A lot of it seems staged or fake, but you can still learn valuable outdoor skills by watching it.

Doomsday Preppers is all about some of the most hard core survivalists that are prepping for Natural Disasters to Man-made ones that might come in the future. Some of these preppers have stored enough food to last several years, while others have enough ammunition stashed away to fight off a small Army if need be.

Doomsday Bunkers also caters to the hard core Survivalist planning and preparing for the worst this world might offer someday. They say the safest place to be in a number of  disaster scenarios is under the ground inside a bunker. Today's Dooms day bunkers look more like an underground condominium then they do a survival shelter.
Survive L.A. after a disaster
The Colony is a Survival Reality Show how with 10 people trying to survive a post apocalyptic disaster in the middle of Los Angeles, California. Not only do they need to find food and shelter, they must also defend the warehouse they now call home.