Survival Pack Supplies List

List of Survival Pack Supplies

Having the proper survival gear in your pack is very important especially when your life depends on it. Here's a list of survival pack supplies you might need in a real life survival situation. Depending on your location and the type of terrain associated with where you live, will depend on what you should be carrying in your survival pack.

I hope my list of survival supplies listed below will help you discover additional items too add to your Survival Pack while in the wood's, your Emergency Bag tucked away in your Vehicle or your Long Term Plan in case of a Major Natural or Man-Made Disaster. There may come a day when you can't but any of this stuff at any price, but luckily today is not that day. I buy a lot of stuff online from mainly because I can buy multiple items from different vendors and have them all conveniently shipped together. It's also a great place to check out review's on Amazon before I decide to buy something and make sure anything I add to my packs are quality made products.
  1. Emergency Thermal Blankets
  2. P-38 Can Opener
  3. Knife Sharpener
  4. Emergency Shelter Tent
  5. Survival Shovel with Multiple Functions
  6. Emergency Survival Food (short term)
  7. Para-Cord Bracelet
  8. Solar Flash Light
  9. Para-Cord
  10. Magnesium Fire Starter
  11. Water Treatment Tablets
  12. Small Hand Axe
  13. Medical Trauma Kit
  14. Glow Sticks
  15. Survival Pack
  16. MRE (Meal Ready To Eat)
  17. Emergency Poncho
  18. Utility Flame
  19. Wet Fire Tinder
  20. Water Filter Straw
  21. Insta Fire - Fire Starter
  22. Survival Knife
  23. Backpacking Canister Camp Stove
  24. Tarp
  25. Storm Proof Match Kit
  26. Military Prismatic Sighting Compass
  27. Eat N Tool
  28. U.S. Army Survival Manual
  29. Basic Emergency Survival Fishing Kit
  30. Headlamp
  31. Survival Kit for Trapping
  32. Multi-Function Survival Tool
  33. Survival Hand Book
  34. Zippo Outdoor Emergency Fire Starter
  35. Survival Travel Kit
  36. Machete
  37. Dry Bags
  38. Survival Pocket Saw Chain
  39. Magnesium Metal Shavings
  40. Deluxe Mess Kit
  41. Mountain House Food
  42. USB Cell Phone Charger with Hand Crank
  43. Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit
  44. Emergency Survival Snare Wire
  45. 9-IN-1 Emergency tool kit
  46. Flint Striker
  47. Pocket Fisherman
  48. Compact Survival Fishing Kit
  49. Emergency Survival Water Pouches
  50. Glass Signal Mirror
All of the products above are for all kinds of survival packs and kits including your Home, Car, Survival pack and any other survival pack you can think of. I hope you find this list useful because surviving takes a lot of different supplies that at the moment we all take for gran-it we will always be able to buy these items.

If you think that day may never come when you can't buy certain supplies, just remember what's happened with the Ammunition shortage for just about every pistol and rifle made. Less than a year ago we use to buy a box of 500 .22 rounds for $20 all day long, and now the going rate is $70 when you can even buy them. The .22 shortage completely caught us off guard and ended one of my favorite past-times which was going through a box of 500 .22 rounds like I could always replace them tomorrow.


  1. Great article and list of survival items!
    And totally agree... the price of 22lr ammo today is really frustrating. Hopefully it will come down again soon. :(
    I hope you don't mind, but I'd love to share an article with you and your readers about 11 frequently overlooked and underrated survival gear items. Would love it if you and your readers gave it a read and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  2. I would choose a mountaineers tent, pole climbers spikes and then the various supplies for basic survival. Get off the ground, stay dry, build a tree shelter, find water, then food.


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