Survival Quiz List

Test Your Outdoor Survival Knowledge

Whats Your Survival IQ Quiz?

 Listed below is some of the better Survival Quiz's found online. As important as it is to plan ahead and always carry some sort of survival pack, its the knowledge that goes with these items that will help keep you alive in a real survival situation. Just one new idea you may never thought about before in any of the survival questions asked with the Quiz, could someday be exactly the knowledge you needed to survive that situation. 

Wilderness Survival Skills website has two different training Quiz's including the Basic Quiz with 15 questions, to the more Advanced Quiz consisting of 30 questions. 

Wilderness Survival Website has  a 21 question Survival Quiz that tests your knowledge on a variety of Wilderness Survival Skills.

Extreme Survival Quiz is on the Discovery Channels Animal Planet site. This quiz uses real life situations and wants you to pick the one that makes the most sense and increase your odds of surviving.

Oprah Winfreys "Test Your Survival Skills" - You know how important these skills are if even Oprah has her own Quiz about Survival Skills. has a Quiz called "Would You Survive"? that is worth your time picking up a few new pointers that you may never of thought about before.

Outside Magazines Survival Quiz is 13 questions dealing with a number of Outdoor Activities that could turn into life threatening situations.

 Field and Stream has a Winter Survival Quiz online which is a little old, but the correct answers stay the same in most situations.

Adventure Journal's Survival Facts is a True or False test or quiz with a few facts I was unaware of.