The Best Survival Knives

Best Survival Knives for Survival Packs

By definition the best survival knife is the one with the most potential uses depending on the current circumstances. In this article I will compare three different survival knives that I think have the most benefits for having them inside your survival pack. I will be comparing the Tool Logic Tactical Folding Knife, the Gerber Needle Nose Multi-Tool and the 9-IN-1 Emergency Tool. I personally like to carry the Gerber Multi-Tool Survival Knife because its quality made and works great for a number of uses. It's also easy opening one handed which most multi knife survival tools cannot do.

survival tool kit with 9 different uses for survival
9 In 1 Survival Tool Kit
The 9 in 1 Emergency tool is a very unique survival tool that has a lot of uses from digging a shelter, cutting firewood and even skinning a deer. This survival tool has a shovel, axe, knife, and saw that's all compacted into a small pouch. If you're looking for a multipurpose tool that has about every tool you might need in a survival situation, the 9 in 1 Survival tool is hard to beat.

survival knife with fire starter and flash light
Tool Logic Tactical Survival Knife
The next survival knife is very cool and useful in a number of survival situations. The Tool Logic Tactical Folding Knife
is a very unique survival tactical knife that has a built-in flash light and a fire starting tool which is always a good thing to have on you.
. The cool thing about this knife is the flash light and the fire starting tool can be separated with a single click making it an ideal 3 in 1 survival knife/tool. For being as small as it is, this survival knife covers three very important tools (knife, fire and light/signal) that is perfect for a survival pack and one I would highly recommend to anyone that doesn't carry a survival pack while in the woods.

Gerber multi tool for survival and work
Gerber Muti-Tool Survival Knife
The next knife or multitool is my personal favorite called the Gerber Needle Nose Multi-Tool. I've had mine for a little over a year now and rarely go anywhere without it.

. This is a very unique multi tool survival knife mainly because of the quality of its construction and the way the tool easily opens using only one hand. Unlike most multitools, the Gerber Multi Tool opens in a sliding motion and not a folding motion making very easy to open with the flip of the wrist.

 This tool has an array of tools so many I don't even know what some of them are used for. There's several different models made by Gerber that have different tools available, so picking the right multipurpose survival knife/tool you would use most is time well spent.

Best Survival Knives Having multi functioning knives inside your survival pack is always a good thing and having at least 3 different types of knives with you is even better. For a good quality made Military Style Survival Knife it's hard to go wrong with the Gerber Survival Knife LMF-2. This knife comes with its own sharpener built into the sheath and was made to last under extreme conditions. It would also make for a good skinning knife combo as it also comes with a safety knife when gutting larger animals.