Bear Grylls Escape From Hell

Bear Grylls "Escape from Hell" New Survival Show

Bear Grylls new Survival Show
Bear Grylls New Show
"Escape From Hell"
Back on the Discovery Channel
 Bear Grylls has another Brand New Reality Survival Show Escape From Hell starting Monday November 11, 2013 on the Discovery Channel that appears to be the most Extreme and most Real Survival Show ever seen on TV. What makes Bear Grylls new reality show "Escape from Hell" as real life as any Survival Show ever could is because Grylls will be using real life stories of real people telling how they wound up in life or death survival situations and lived to tell about it.

Bear has had great success working with Discovery on "Man Vs. Wild" and NBC on "Get Out Alive", but "Escape From Hell" is going above and beyond anything else seen on TV and has the potential to be his Hit on Television thus far. Escape From Hell covers 3 different survival situations and the stories behind the people who got out alive under the very worst of conditions. Grylls will then put himself in the same life threatening conditions with whatever survival supplies they had to survive on, and demonstrate other survival techniques they had at their disposal if they would of only known.
The first episode of Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell  premiere's this Monday Night 11/11/2013, at 10 P.M. eastern. I always have been a huge Fan of Bear Grylls because of some of the crazy things he is capable of doing during one of his survival trips. Bear always goes to the absolute extreme when it comes to surviving on the show and demonstrates the mind-set you need to get into as soon as you realize you are now in a Life or Death Survival situation.

On one Episode of Escape From Hell Grylls repels off a hundred foot cliff on a homemade rope using Para-cord and a knot called a Kamikaze Knot. This knot you first cut with a knife before you are ready to repel down the cliff while continuing to keep tension on the Kamikaze knot. Once you safely rappel down you simply let up on the tension and retrieve your rope from above. In my opinion that's plain crazy to risk your life on a knot with a name like that, but then again that's what make's watching Bear Grylls so interesting to watch.