Fiber Fix Review

Fix Broken Throwing Axe using Fiber Fix Review

Fiber fix duct tape review
Fiber Fix Duct Tape Review
 When I seen this Fiber Fix Tape on the Shark Tank Show and  I  had to buy some and see if it really was 100 times stronger then duct tape like advertised. The potential for something that much stronger than duct tape could be endless and I wanted to put it to the test for a few projects I already had in mind.

I found a throwing axe at the local knife shop that had been broken in half and bought it for five dollars because it looked like a great test for fiber fix and would actually be a bargain for a new throwing ax if this stuff actually worked.

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3 Pack of FiberFix Tape
Includes 1", 2" and 4" Rolls
. The throwing Ax had a clean brake right in the middle of the handle so the Fiber Fix would have to be really strong for this ax to keep together when I usually throw it with a lot of force. 

I bought the multi-pack of three different sizes of Fiber Fix and tried the 2" pack first. I underestimated how hard it would be getting the ax perfectly straight and ended up tearing the Fiber Fix off the before it completely dried. On my second attempt I decided to try a different way wrapping the Fiber Fix duct tape around the broken ax. I first cut a 3" piece off the 1" roll and rapped it around the handle. I did this to make sure the ax would stay perfectly straight before I attempted to wrap the remainder of the roll that's suppose to be as hard as steel when fully dried.
Bonds to anything
Throwing Ax before being
repaired using Fiber Fix Tape

I let the tape dry for two hours which was plenty enough time to bond to the metal. I decided to give it a try and see if my new throwing ax would was worthy of a little throwing competition. I threw it about a dozen times and works good as new.

The Video below was shot while throwing my new survival tool and filming at the same time. This stuff is like wrapping a cast around anything broken or needing repaired and completely waterproof when fully dried. 

Fiberfix review bonding metal together
Throwing Ax Repaired Using
Fiber Fix 1" Roll.

More Info. on the FIBER FIX - Super Adhesive Tape


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