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 After putting Fiberfix to the test for several different experiments including making a custom knife handle, it was hard not to notice the similarities of Kevlar, but in a much different form. Is Fiberfix really bullet proof? And if so, how many layers of this miracle fiber pressed together does it take to stop a bullet shot at close range? If this review of Fiber Fix is successful, you could make just about anything bullet proof with just a little imagination.

After already going through our second order of this Duct Tape that really does harden with the strength of steel, we placed my third order on Amazon and had it delivered within 3 day's time. After careful consideration on the best way to test if Fiber Fix is Bullet Proof or not, we decided to take a 4" roll and pressed it into more of a shield plate found inside most bullet proof jackets.  Using the entire 4" x 60" roll of Fiberfix, I carefully rolled it into itself which was exactly 11 layers thick for this first test. I then took this simulated shield plate and compressed it within a vise to squeeze out all the excess water and any air pockets that may have formed.

Let's see what exactly happens when you shoot a bullet at this duct tape that dries as hard as steel? Can it really stop a bullet? And if so, how many layers of fiber is required to be considered bullet proof, and how big of a round can it stop? Our finished bullet proof steel plate made out of Fiberfix also had the resemblance and feel of a light weight piece of tile which brought up a whole new set of questions. Would this fiber plate just shatter just like a tile would at this close range? Probably not, but it was going to be interesting seeing exactly how strong this Fiber Fix stuff really is.

 The first video is a solid Fiber Fix plate squeezed together and shot with a .22 Ruger Pistol at approx. 15' away. I kind of had my doubts whether or not this super lightweight fiber could actually stop a bullet and really had no clue what was about to happen. I think my Dad who was trying to film this review with my iPod while I did the shooting, was even more impressed with how well Fiberfix stood up to a .22 bullet. The actual dimensions of a smaller steel bullet proof plate I was trying to re-create was purely coincidental and I just kept wrapping the Fiber fix around until the 60" roll was gone. At those dimensions it resulted in 11 layers of fiber that did indeed stop a .22 bullet from 15 feet away.

Fiber Fix Bullet Proof Review Video #2

 Seeing the promising results with Fiber Fix holding up to a .22 caliber bullet in the very first attempt, we decided to step it up a notch and shoot our bullet proof replica of a steel plate with a .22 Mag Rifle shot at the same distance.

Ouch! That bullet went whizzing through 11 layers of FiberFix with very little problem as you can clearly see the bullet hole dead center in the tree. That was a little disappointing especially after the first successful test using a .22 round, but I learned a lot and will now be a lot more precise on the next demonstration How much Fiber Fix does it take to become Bullet Proof? Fortunately this test impressed my Dad to place yet another order for me and hopefully Amazon will have it delivered to my door in just a few more days.


  1. Thanks for posting about the fiberfix! I used it once before for a fix and it did indeed cure pretty darn tough. So then I wondered "I wonder if this stuff is bullet-resistant?". Thanks for proving!


  2. It is shocking to see Fiber Fix holding up to a .22 caliber bullet. I will use it for sure. Thanks for the review about Fiberfix. I am wondering if it could still be bullet proof if the bullet was .223? Keep reviewing the good survival products.

    Best Regards,


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