How To Field Strip Ruger Mark 2 Pistol

Field-Strip the Ruger Mark 2 Pistol

There's a lot of good videos on YouTube about disassembling and putting the Ruger Pistols back together, but some videos make it sound a lot harder than it really is. I even read a few articles where some people recommend you take the pistol to a Professional Gunsmith to insure its put back together correctly, but if you own a Ruger pistol, its in your best interest to learn a few simple tricks.

The first video below shows a Ruger Mark 2 Target Pistol being stripped down and reassembled in just over 18 seconds. Most people have no problem breaking down the pistol, but with one of the last steps where you need to seat the pin in properly by turning the pistol upside down.

More Detailed Video How To Field Strip the Ruger Mark 2 Pistol

This video "How to field strip the Ruger Mark 2 Pistol" is a more detailed version which will make you an expert in no time, especially in a survival situation when it counts most. The best way to become an expert disassembling and reassembling this weapon, is get a stop watch out and time yourself how long it takes. After a little practice, especially one of the last steps when assembling, you can easily become an expert on Field Stripping the Ruger Pistols.

If you have any questions, comments or other helpful hints breaking down and assembling the Ruger Pistols, please post them below.