Alaskan Bush People Survival Gear

Alaskan Bush People on The Discovery Channel

Billy Brown Family from Alaskan Bush People

 The Alaskan Bush People is a Reality TV Show following an Alaskan Family claiming to live in the great outdoors most of their lives. Billy Bryon Brown and his Wife Aime, have seven children ranging from a 12 year old Daughter all the way to the oldest 32 years old Son. The first five children are Boys while the last two are girls and all still live at home somewhere in the Alaskan Bush. While Billy and Aime moved to Alaska over 35 years ago, the Kid's have always been Home Schooled and insist they've spent their entire lives in the Alaskan Bush documented multiple times on the Alaskan Bush People Reality Show. What kind of survival pack do you carry being raised your entire life in the Bush? The answer to that question may surprise you.

Now grant it, the entire Brown Family seems to be sporting quality Firearms worthy of most Alaskan Bush People during their Discovery Channel Episode's, but not much else seems to make much sense. None of the Brown Family rarely carry anything resembling an outdoor survival pack no matter how far they ventured into the woods. That is until Alaskan Bush People's second Season during the 11th Episode.

I had my doubt's whether the Alaskan Bush People were real or possibly fake from the beginning of Season 1, especially after firing up their brand new Stihl Chainsaw with a brand spanking new bar and chain. Not a single mark can be seen on the shiny new bar, and by the sound of the way the chainsaw first started, it was clearly prepped and ready to go. Nothing real about that. Dam chainsaws anyway.

In the Alaskan Bush People's latest Episode seen a few days ago, Brothers Bam-Bam and oldest brother Matt, needs reminding by their Dad, Billy Brown, the food supply is running low and only a few days left until Deer Hunting Season ends in Alaska. It's the first time in the History of the Alaskan Bush People Show they finally break out something resembling a survival pack before heading off into the the Alaskan Bush.

Alaskan Bush Peoples Survival Pack List

The list of survival gear "Check List" mentioned on this Episode of Alaskan Bush People "Divide and Conquer" is as Follows: (In Order)

  1. Shot Gun
  2. Bullets
  3. Tactical Vest
  4. One Flare
  5. Tape
  6. Compass (No map ???)
  7. Tourniquet (Ouch)
  8. Lot's of Shot Gun Rounds
  9. Flare Gun
  10. Another Flair
  11. Rope
  12. Rip Cord
  13. Tarp
  14. Blanket
  15. Food for One Night
The above is the entire list of the Alaskan Bush People's Survival Pack mentioned during this Show's Episode. To be fair, Bam-Bam cut off Matt when going through his survival pack list, but it's still interesting studying the list of items mentioned during this Alaskan Survival Show. 

I wonder how long the Alaskan Bush People would last in the History Channel's "Alone Show" competing for $500,000.00 with this choice of survival items inside their survival packs? They have plenty of Shot Gun Shells and extra Flairs, But Hey, what else do you really need to survive in the Alaskan Bush? O.K.,Lets get back to Reality.

Brother's Bam-Bam and Matt Brown then do an excellent job demonstrating "How to start a fire in the Alaskan Bush". Apparently, the life-long Alaskan Bush Brothers had a little trouble at first because it was pitch dark before finally getting the fire started. Matt somewhat demonstrated how to make a feather stick cutting off thin slices of dead wood, while Bam-Bam provided a Hurricane's worth of air flow with a paper plate as if his very existence depended on it. No, really, I'm not kidding. How many members of the Brown Family does it take starting a camp fire? It takes two, and a paper plate. Duh!

The main this is, the Brown Brother's shot a Deer and now have plenty of meat for the Family of Nine to continue surviving in the Alaskan Bush. Brother Gabe builds a chicken coop, and it looks like Brother Bear won't be getting laid anytime soon. 

Stay Tuned!