Emergency Home Survival Kits (Short Term)

Disaster Survival Kit Reviews

    A lot of this blog focuses on supplies found in survival kits when exploring the Great Outdoors but there is one survival kit that every Home in the World should always have in case of an emergency. Obviously where you live and the types of natural disasters associated with the area will greatly determine the supplies within your overall kit.

    The important thing is to get started building your Family's Main Survival Kit Today. They are depending on you for their survival when tomorrow may be to late. If you have no Home Survival Kit what-so-ever then today's as good of day as any. Get yourself a few airtight container's or even that camping cooler sitting in the corner, and start filling it up with a few cans of extra soup and maybe a container of coffee or Kool-Aid.

    If the lights, power and water suddenly turned off Today, how long can your family survive before you were forced into long lines waiting to get the necessary basics just to stay alive?

Having a decent Emergency Survival Kit for your Family is just good cheap "real life insurance" that just like traditional insurance, you hope you never have to use it but glad you have it when you do. How big of an insurance policy (how many days could you survive without any outside help) you choose to build is up to you, but the fact that you have already started building your main survival kit will get you thinking of new supplies to add and ultimately increase your Real-Life Insurance Policy.

Some great ideas for building your basic survival kit can of course be found in this Blog or the Red Cross has an excellent list of the basics every kit should include.

Reviewing Survival Kits Available Online

2 person, 3 day basic survival kit
Quakhold Basic Survival Kit
2 Person / 3 Day's
Cost: $39.00
    The Quakehold Grab n Go Emergency Kit is a bare to the bones 2 person/ 3 day kit packed into its own backpack. Includes packets of food and water to keep you from going hungry, along with two ponchos, two emergency blankets and two safety light sticks.

Also included in the Grab n Go is a 33 piece very basic First Aid kit that hopefully you will never need to use unless it's a minor scratch. The dust masks may come in handy some expected day, but hopefully you will not need a lot of tissue. After reading a few reviews on Amazon, I would have to say the backpack is of poor quality and not made to last very last long.

Emergency survival kit
Mayday 4 Person Emergency Kit
Cost: $58.00
    This Emergency Survival Kit made by Mayday is another backpack style (much better quality for the money) is another all-in-one kit always ready to go. This kit is much more equipped then the one listed above with more of the basic supplies you will likely need in a real emergency.

The emergency food supply consists of 4 2,400 calorie energy bars with the kit rated for four people. I'm not sure I would want to survive off one energy bar for too long, but it is better than nothing. Having the additional flashlight, strike anywhere matches and 50 water purification tablets is a nice addition to the above model, but seems to lack in the glow stick department with only a single one included.

Earthquake Emergency Kit in a Bucket
Emergency Kit for 4 Jam Packed
Inside a Water Tight 5 gal. Bucket
Cost: $75.00 each

    This 4 Person Earthquake Survival Bucket is quite handy to have around in case of any emergency. If you live in an earthquake prone area and do not possess at least a few of the basic items geared toward that type of an event, then this Emergency Kit Bucket could have just the things you will need to survive.

    The water tight 5 gallon bucket (which could be also be turned into a toilet if needed) has a lot of the basics which any good survival kit should have, but a few additional items such as a the gas shut off tool which could also be used as a pry bar. All in all the reviews rate the Earthquake Bucket 4 out of 5 Stars for a good basic starter survival kit.

Basic Earthquake Survival items
Deluxe 4 Person/ 3 Day
Earthquake Emergency Survival Kit
Cost: $199.00
This is a good example of a basic 4 person survival kit designed to last for 3 full days in case of most emergencies. The contents are designed for Earthquake preparedness and should be the minimum included for your Home, Work and your Vehicle. You will not have the luxury in deciding where you will when a Major Natural Disaster strike, so make sure you are ALWAYS Prepared n o matter where you are.

As with all the emergency kits mentioned above, these are just the basics and you should always have additional items always ready in case of any emergency. Going shopping for ANYTHING after an event hits, may no longer be an option.

Stay Safe and Always Be Prepared. Your Family is counting on it!


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  2. Hey I just finished reading your blog and I think it's great. I have been looking for a reliable and practical emergency preparedness kit for my home since I live in an earthquake prone area and I'm hell scared of an impending disaster. I was just checking out some ideas on what items I should include and I saw your blog. Thanks a lot for the help.


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