Survival Instructor Directory List

Survival Instructor Directory List 

List of Survival Experts Seen On TV Reality Shows
Private Survival Skills Courses
taught by popular Instructors
with their own Reality TV Shows
Below is a list of some of the more popular Wilderness Survival Experts, Instructors and now Reality TV Stars seen on TV. Sure some of what's shown on some reality shows is completely staged and fake, but some of it's good solid knowledge for perfecting you're own outdoor survival skills.

List of Popular Outdoor Survival Instructors

1. Bear Gyrlls is a very well known for his reality show Man VS Wild and his new hit show Get Out Alive. Bear is an amazing guy because he pushes himself to the absolute extreme and no other survival expert even comes close to the amazing stuff that bear is capable of doing.

-Receiving personal instructions from Bear Gryll's doesn't come cheap and is the hardest one to get accepted in and take the bear Grylls Adventure Challenge. You must be 18 years old and in exceptional shape before you can even apply.

2. Cody Lundin is the Star of Dual Survival and Survival Instructor for Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona. Cody is the crazy guy that never wears shoes, not even in the snow, Cody is a true naturalist that lives in the desert totally off the grid.

- Cody runs his survival training classes and school up in high desert near Prescott, Arizona. There's several survival training classes to choose from which Cody instructs the majority of them. The average cost is around $600 to $700 for a two day Wilderness Survival Skills training, to a seven day Self Reliance Urban Survival Training that cost $2495.00.

3. Dave Canterbury is the other Star of Dual Survival for the first 2 seasons of the show. It turns out Canterbury may of fudged a little bit on his Military Experience which neither Lundin or The Discovery Channel was very happy with. Dave now spends his time running his own Survival School "Pathfinder" with several specialty classes available out of Wellston, Ohio.

- The Pathfinder Survival School offers a variety of courses including basic survival skills up to advanced and specialty classes. It looks like Canterbury will also have a 6 day Trapping Class this Fall with Certified FTA Trapping Instructors. Average cost to take a Pathfinder Outdoor Training Course averages less than $100 per day which is a bargain if your in that neck of the woods.

4. Mykel Hawke and wife Ruth England are the Stars on Man, Women Wild Survival Show. Hawke was with the US Special Forces Group and teaches Ruth some his survival techniques he's learned on how to survive when stranded out in the wild. This reality show only lasted 2 seasons, but still has an active fan base on the Man Women Wild Facebook page.

- Mykel Hawke's Survival Training Courses are for the Hard Core Military types that want to refine their survival skills. Hawke runs the appropriately named Spec-Ops website that specializes in a number of training courses mostly taught by Veterans. The Basic Training Course is 3 Days/ 2 Night's and will set you back $1000 if Mykel Hawke is scheduled as an instructor, or $500 if taught by other skilled Veterans. Spec-Ops is also into some super cool looking "real life" Survival Games and Adventures.

More coming soon!

Do you know of any good Survival Schools that you can recommend? Let me know about them and I'll check them out!