Home Made Survival Knife

Homemade Survival Knife

  Making a homemade survival knife is easier than you might realize, all it takes is a few basic hand tools and the creative drive to create your own survival weapons. I used a piece of steel from a shelf I found but you can use all kinds of different metal scraps or just about anything that's metal to make some kind of survival weapon.
homemade weapon and survival knife
Piece of shelf for making
a Survival Knife
This is the piece of metal that I started with because it was thick enough and a similar shape of the survival knife that I wanted to make. I cut the metal with a hack saw to the right length for my survival knife and began shaping the metal with a set of files.

Working the metal into a
knife blank first.
I decided to put a notch in the blade so it could also be used has a harpoon for survival fishing. The knife handle is made with parachute cord and could serve for several different purposes in a survival situation.

The metal was soft after I was done shaping the knife so I figured I would try my hand at tempering my homemade knife. I had never done this before but I kind of had an idea on how to do it. I first started a fire and began heating my knife in an even fashion. I let the knife sit in the fire until it was getting close to turning red before it was taken out and dropped in a bucket of water. 

homemade weapon and survival knife
My homemade survival knife
  The tempering process of the knife blank put a dark tint on the metal and it did seem to strengthen my new homemade survival knife. I started putting an edge on the knife and I realized that the metal was much stronger than before and it was holding an edge better than expected.

 I took some red para cord and securely tried a handle on the survival knife adding more usefulness purposes for the knife. The handle turned out much better then I expected and its very solid and not going anywhere.

homemade survival walking stick
Survival walking stick with
Homemade Survival Knife
    I was very satisfied with the final product and also how bad ass it looked considering this was my very first attempt at making my own knife from scratch. But there was something for my new knife, it still needed a sheath. I started looking through my old knives for a sheath that would fit my survival knife and securely keep it in place. I found a sheath that I tied on a walking stick and it fit perfectly, so I figured I would create a survival walking stick at the same time. 

homemade snake stick for survival
Snake stick made
of antlers
    I re-tied the sheath to the walking stick and added a para cord handle. Since I live in rattle snake country, I figured someday I might need a good stick that I could catch a snake with. Having a few tips of deer antlers left over from another project I'm working on, I tied them in a "Y" using parachute cord on the end of the survival walking stick.

homemade survival walking stick
Survival walking stick
    I was finally done with my homemade survival knife/walking stick combo and it turned out great. I'm taking a hike in snake country here soon so I can see how good my survival stick holds up to a Diamondback Rattle Snake. Hopefully we can find a good sized one and get some more pictures for this article.

I hope this article is helpful and this might inspire you to create your own survival weapons to include within your in your pack. Just remember that it is not as hard has you might think creating your own homemade survival weapon, you just need a little imagination.